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Current Known Issues

August 2, 2009 - Database issues fixed. Thanks for your patience.

The following issues are currently known and being fixed for future releases. If you find issues that are not on this list please let us know by emailing us at Thanks!

Version Issue Resolution Fix
1.02 Game exits after losing all health and seeing the "Game over" screen. This issue only occurs when playing without a profile. You can fix this issue by creating a profile. We will be fixing this issue asap as it is not our intention to require users to have a profile to play the game properly. Next Release
1.02 Game locks-up on new text messages, battery warnings, etc Click on the device home button, restart the game. This will allow you to resume the game where you left off. Next Release

Aware of an issue not on this list or have additional questions? Email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

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When will Radial 50 be available on the iPhone and iPod Touch?
Radial 50 is available now. You can download the full version or the lite version directly from iTunes or by searching “Radial 50″ on your device.

Who is created Radial 50?
Radial 50 was created by Roundthird, a St. Louis based Interactive Marketing Group. Media can learn more about us on the press page, or we encourage everyone to interact with the us directly through Twitter - Creator (@robinrath) Maketing (@jtkoene)

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I found a bug and/or I have a suggestion for improving Radial 50 - who should I tell?
If you find a major issue that you would like to let us know about, feel free to email us at Otherwise, we encourage you to submit minor bugs and enhancement suggestions through the forums.

The help text is driving me crazy, what can I do?
The help text will automatically turn off after the 8th and final help screen appears on round 3. You can however turn it off manually in the game settings or via the pause menu during the game.

Is the game supposed to be hard?
Yes and no. We want reaching the 50th level to be a significant challenge, but we have designed the level difficulty to become gradually more difficult, so you should not have much trouble reaching the 10th level and beyond after playing the game after 15-20 minutes.

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How do you determine which city I am assigned to?
When you select “Allow Location” from within Radial 50, we determine your exactly location and assign you to the closest city in our database. Our database currently includes 259 US Cities and 101 Non-US Cities. The cities were selected based on population.

What cities are available on the leaderboards?
Click here to view the list of cities.

Will more cities be added in the future?
Yes, we will be updating the city list periodically.

Can I change my location?
Yes, you can change your location by selecting the “Update Location” button on th profile page. However - you will always be assigned to the closest city in our location database based on your current location. If you have a major issue with how the location system is working please contact us directly at

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I forgot my usernanme/email/password, what should I do?
Please email us directly at and we will help you get it sorted out. We will be adding functionality to auto retrieve this information in the near future.

I want to change my username, how do I do this?
We currently do not have an interface for updating account information. If you need to change your username please email us directly at

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