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Radial 50 Launches for the iPhone and iPod Touch—a New “Spin” on a Brick-Breaker Arcade Classic

Roundthird releases Radial 50, a brand new application for the iPhone gaming platform that transforms the classic brick-breaker arcade game into 50 exciting rounds of 360-degree action. To celebrate the launch of Radial 50, each of the first 50 players to finish the game will win a prize. Among these players, the top 10 scores will receive a $100 gift card towards a Fathead wall graphic (

radialandfatheadSt. Louis, MO. July 7, 2009 — Roundthird is pleased to announce the launch of Radial 50, a breakthrough application on the iPhone gaming platform that puts a modern spin on the classic brick-breaker arcade games. The game is available today in the App Store, and Roundthird is offering a extra element of competition. The first 50 players to finish the game will be awarded with a prize, including ten $100 gift cards towards Fathead wall graphics.

Radial 50 is a new take on the classic “Breakout” game first introduced on the Atari in 1976. It brings an innovative twist to the arcade classic by allowing the player to control the paddle and ball around a 360-degree playfield, focusing the gameplay on defeating a central target rather than the often painful task of eliminating all targets on the gameboard. The iPhone and iPod Touch are a perfect platform for the circular, brick-breaking action, as they allow precise movements on the touch screen.

“As gamers, we appreciate the classic arcade games that paved the way for the current gaming environment,” said Robin Rath, co-founder of Roundthird and creator of Radial 50. “Radial 50 celebrates the vintage brick-breaker game while showcasing the iPhone’s advanced technology.” Radial 50 has created an entirely new challenge with unique design and leaderboards that set it apart from other mobile games. “All of us at Roundthird are thrilled to present Radial 50 to the iPhone community, we’ve had a lot of fun creating everything from the unique gameplay to the design and soundtrack.”

The game showcases 50 rounds of increasingly challenging gameplay for both beginners and arcade veterans, where players attempt to gain the highest scores possible. They can earn points through a number of ways, gaining “achievements” along the way. Radial 50 is filled with exciting elements of strategy and skill.

Radial 50 incorporates many ways to connect players with one another. The game tracks all scores, allowing players to compete with friends and access location-based boards to see how they fare against players in their city, state, country, and world. , players can compete against others from around the world and seek the classic arcade thrill of viewing their scores ranked among other players.

While players can track their scores and others’ through the location-based leaderboards, they can also win prizes by becoming one of the first 50 people to beat level 50. Roundthird will give a prize to each of the first 50 to beat the game—40 players will receive an iTunes gift card, and 10 players with the highest scores will each receive a gift card for the coveted Fathead wall graphics, a prize worth $100. For more information and rules of the contest, please visit

Radial 50 is available now at the Apple App Store for US$1.99. A free, lite version is also available, including three rounds of intense gameplay.

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