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Radial 50 Releases New Retro Game Quiz on Facebook


Radial 50, an up-and-coming iPhone game, announces the launch of its new Facebook application, Retro Game Quiz, which allows users to test their knowledge of classic video games.

St. Louis, MO. April 21, 2009— Radial 50, the soon-to-be-released title from Roundthird ( on the iPhone gaming platform, is pleased to announce the launch of a new Facebook application: Retro Game Quiz. The quiz allows Facebook users to test their knowledge of all classic gaming, from arcade games to console and everything in between.

Facebook account holders who wish to take the quiz simply need to install the Retro Game Quiz application, which presents 10 questions on games old and new from Nintendo, Sega Genesis, video arcades, and other platforms. The questions vary in difficulty, so both extreme and casual gamers can enjoy a challenge.

Robin Rath, designer and creator of Radial 50, said: “The Retro Game Quiz on Facebook is a great way to pay tribute to the games of yesteryear that paved the way for the gaming technology we enjoy today. It coincides wonderfully with the Radial 50 release, which plays on the classic Atari Brickbreaker game but brings an exciting new ’spin’ with iPhone technology.”

Once Facebook users install the application and answer the quiz questions, they have the option of inviting friends and comparing their scores. After receiving a score, users can post it in their profiles to announce their retro video game skill (or lack thereof) for all to see. The Retro Game Quiz only takes a few minutes to play, but it provides great entertainment and a nostalgic look at video game history. 

Radial 50 (, presenter of the new Retro Game Quiz Facebook application, is an up-and-coming iPhone game with a new spin on the classic “Breakout” game first introduced on the Atari in 1976. It brings an entirely new aspect to the arcade classic by allowing the player to control the paddle and ball around a 360-degree playfield, focusing the gameplay on defeating a central target rather than the often painful chore of eliminating all targets on the gameboard. Radial features 50 intense rounds and challenging gameplay for both beginners and arcade veterans, and a location-based leaderboard tracks user scores against friends.

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