Five Awesome Video Game Glitches

2009 April 6
by Nicole Trafton

Cars nosedive into oblivion; a robot masturbates; a horse with deformed back legs dances around; a soccer ball bounces atop the goal, refusing to come down; a player mysteriously transports onto a motorcycle. These funny glitches crop up in some of the most popular video games today, and they’re featured below.

Game glitches may be a nuisance to gamers, but they can also provide some rather humorous situations. Coming across a glitch is like finding a hidden treasure– a mistake in all the lines of code that materialize to make the video game world a little more bizarre. Hardcore gamers can come to appreciate the little errors that pop up here and there, but non-gamers alike will enjoy these glitches brought to you by Radial 50 (learn more).

Radial 50 has compiled some of their favorites with the help of YouTube videos. So sit back, and enjoy the hilarity that will surely ensue. And the next time you sit down to relish a few hours of game play, be on the lookout for the subtle mistakes that make the gaming world more mysterious… and amusing.

Mafia: Falling cars

Bioshock: Masturbating Rosie

Assassin’s Creed: Crazy Horse

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008: Ball Stranded on Goal

Grand Theft Auto 4: Office/motorcycle confusion

Know of some other great bug videos? Post them in the comments below.

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