Your Feedback: Fixing the “Ball getting lost” Issue

2009 July 10
by Robin Rath

We have been getting a ton of great feedback on Radial 50 - mostly positive, but the overwhelming gripe with the game is that users are often losing sight the ball.  We feel strongly that a big part of the “challenging” nature of the game is dealing with the intensity of what is going on on the screen - but losing the ball is not fun and we think fixing this issue will bring a more enjoyable experience while playing.

The primary suggestions for fixing this issue you been…

1) Make the ball glow/make it bigger
2) add a trail to the ball

Below is a video showing an example of the trail effect, followed by a screenshot of what the glow feature might look like.

We want your feedback! Let us know what you think about these options. We are working to submit this update very soon, so now is your chance to give us your opinion.

Trail Effect

Checkout the video below of the trail effect option. This would allow you to see the direction of the ball as well as be able to better see its general location on the playfield. We have control over how this trail effect is displayed, but so far we like how this looks.

Halo Effect

For technical reasons, we want to avoid changing the size of the ball. Rather than make the ball bigger, an option would be to create a “halo” around the ball. The halo would move with the ball.

Demonstration: Halo Fix for Lost Ball from Radial 50 on Vimeo.

Glow Effect

The glow affect demonstrated below could be a constant glow, or pulsate.


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  1. 2009 July 10
    Lord Gek permalink

    Unless it causes a major slowdown, I think the tail is the best option!

  2. 2009 July 10

    What about something as simple as making the ball the color of the paddle (or similar)? My only concern with the tail as it stands now (above) is it makes the actual ball itself somewhat hard to follow…the proverbial which ball is which…

    What about the tail they used to have on hockey pucks in the NHL (the bright red can signify the speed-up power-up and blue can be the normal state)…

    My $.02, this is exactly the user outreach that will keep making this game better! Great work!

  3. 2009 July 10
    upn1541 permalink

    I agree with Matt’s comments above about the actual ball it’s self somewhat gets lost even with the tail.

    Maybe instead of smaller balls following it, a steady path (think shooting star).

    I like the glowing halo too. But I fear that new users may believe that the halo is part of the ball. You never know.

    Open communication and outreach (again like Matt said) will only improve the game!

    Keep up the great work.

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