Update to Configuration File - V2

2009 July 15
by Robin Rath

A change went out this morning that updates the configuration file in the game. You can verify you have the latest configuration file by going to the “About” page within “Settings” and then viewing the version number in the top right hand of the screen. You should see the numbers “205 /2″. The “2″ indicates you have the latest configuration file.

NOTE: You must be connected to a network to receive this update.

The following changes were made to the configuration file, based on feedback from players.

  1. Speed at which the ball increases between non-paddle hits was reduced slightly.
  2. The maximum speed the ball can travel was reduced by 15%
  3. The angle at which the “curve” ball moves was reduced slightly to make this powerdown a bit easier to handle. The length of this powerdown was also reduced to 6 seconds from 8.
  4. Some of the powerup/powerdown configurations on rounds were changed.

I welcome feedback on these changes, you can provide feedback by replying in the comments section.

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