Radial 50 Updates Now Available!

2009 August 2
by Nicole Trafton

To make Radial 50 the best it can be, we now have an updated version available in the App Store.  We’ve been working hard to talk with Radial 50 players and get suggestions on how to improve the game.  Here are the changes:

  • Added a “halo” around the ball to make it more visible while playing
  • Widened the touch location of the paddle control for those with larger hands
  • Fixed the Save & Quit bug that occurred on the 3GS
  • Added Loading indicators to sign up, sign in, and leaderboards.
  • Various bug fixes

Since the most common complaint was that the ball is easily lost in the game action, the halo is the most significant part of this update. We noted options to this problem earlier on our blog, requesting your suggestions and comments.  You can see how the added halo looks here.

The new update also allows you to review and rate the game again (even if you already did with the first version), so feel free to hop on app store and send in your reviews and rankings.

For all you lite version players, now is a great time to upgrade to the full version and try all 50 levels!  You can get the new updates on iTunes now:

Radial 50 full version
Radial 50 lite version

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