Radial 50 Early Renderings and Wireframes

2009 June 6
by Robin Rath

We’re getting close the the launch of Radial 50, which is very exciting for us, since this is our first title on the iPhone. We started this process nearly 4 months ago - so its good to see things finally coming together. To learn a bit about or process I invite you to checkout the early rendering and wireframes for the Radial 50 game and interface. At the time our working title was “FiftyK”, but beyond that you can tell that not a great deal has changed. We have cut some features, but added many more.

Checkout the wireframes here, along with some screenshots below. These wireframes were built with Axure - if you dont already have a good wireframe software I recommend you check it out.

If you aren’t already - check us out on Twitter - twitter.com/Radial50


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