“First to 50″ Contest

The “First to 50″ Contest is now over. Click here to learn more about the winners.

First to 50

We are giving away 50 prizes
to the first 50 players to finish Radial 50!

In celebration of our launch, Radial 50 is offering a chance to win lots of great prizes. Simply become one of the first 50 players to finish all 50 rounds and you will be eligible to win one of our 50 prizes.

Can you reach 50? If you can, you may just win a Fathead!


Each of the first 50 players to beat all 50 rounds of Radial 50 will win a prize. The top 10 scorers of the 50 will each receive the grand prizeā€”a gift certificate for a free Fathead wall graphic - shipping included - a value of over $100. The remaining 40 winners will each receive a $10 iTunes gift certificate.

Fathead iTunes

$100 Fathead Gift Certificates
+ Free Shipping


$10 iTunes Gift

What is a Fathead?

Fatheads (fathead.com) are durable, reusable, life-sized wall graphics. Get an officially licensed Fathead of your favorite sports figure, comic book character, team logo and more! Fatheads are great for bedrooms, rec rooms, and offices.

How to Enter

STEP 1: Purchase the full version of Radial 50 through the app store and start playing. Be sure to create an account so we know who you are!

STEP 2: Finish the final round, round 50. Only the first 50 players to finish round 50 will win a prize, and only players that finish round 50 by 08/07/2009 are eligible.

Additional Information

  • As you play, pay attention to strategy and scoring. Among the first 50 players to finish round 50, the players with the top scores will win the top prizes. (see prizes)
  • If you not sure about buying Radial 50, you can download the free lite version and try it out first. While you cannot win the contest with the lite version, you can test out the awesome gameplay Radial 50 offers.
  • Each person is eligible to win only once. Contest is restricted to players in the US and Canada only.
  • When the contest is completed, a complete list of winners will be available on this page.
  • You must finish all 50 rounds in the full version to be eligible for prizes!
  • Click here for complete contest rules.


The Radial 50 “First to 50″ contest has now ended, and we are happy to congratulate all the winners! Each player to beat the game won a free iTunes gift card, and the top 10 scorers received free Fathead wall graphics, a prize worth over $100!

The contest winners beat all 50 intense rounds of 360-degree action, and we commend their brick-breaking skills!

The following players (identified by username) achieved scores that landed them in the top 10: A special congratulations to the winners of the coveted Fathead wall graphics:

  1. Berkeley (33,188,590 points)
  2. tom eckerle (32,974,740 points)
  3. tylerb (31,601,570 points)
  4. dubbalubagis (31,372,140 points)
  5. eblue99 (31,048,970 points)
  6. Winterymix (30,639,190 points)
  7. Othman (30,630,200 points)
  8. Chiron (30,297,210 points)
  9. DHowett (30,197,200 points)
  10. Sebehk (30,107,900 points)

If you are one of the 50 winners, you will be contacted by us directly.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest and downloaded the full version of Radial 50. If you haven’t tried out the game yet, you can find it in the App Store: http://www.radial50.com/download/. Or try out the free lite version: http://www.radial50.com/downloadlite/

A special thanks to Fathead for their involvement in the contest, and congratulations again to all out “First to 50″ winners!

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