The Traveling iPod

2009 July 22
by Nicole Trafton

We at Radial 50 would like to share our game with everyone, regardless of the type of mobile device he or she uses.

To accommodate every tech, game or media reviewer (even if he or she doesn’t have an iPhone or iPod Touch.. yet), we are starting a program called The Traveling iPod.

Radial 50 will send, via mail, an iPod Touch to anyone who would like to experience the game but does not have a device on which to play it. Participants will receive the iPod Touch, complete with the full version of Radial 50 already downloaded, and be able to keep it for one week, then send it back. (All expenses paid by Radial 50).

We are so sure that writers will love Radial 50, we want them to try it–no matter what!

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You can keep tabs on it by following us on twitter: and checking in periodically on the blog for new updates:

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