Radial 50 Version 1.02 Coming Soon

2009 July 17
by Robin Rath

apple-kitteh-saiz-u-wayt-4-iphone-updateOn Wednesday of this week we submitted an update for Radial 50 and Radial 50 Lite. Below is a list of the changes that were made. We hope this update will be live and in your hands sometime mid-next week.

  • Added a “Halo” around the ball to make it more visible while playing
  • Widened the touch location of the paddle control for those with larger hands
  • Fixed the Save & Quit bug that occurred on the 3GS
  • Added Loading indicators to sign up, sign in, and leaderboards.
  • Various Bug Fixes

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  1. 2009 July 17
    Christopher permalink

    My wishlist:

    * Current time indicator between rounds
    * Leaderboard look up between rounds - to see if you’re getting close to a ranking - or even a check status that could tell you where you currently rank if you quit at that moment.
    * A survival mode with a time leaderboard ( saw this somewhere else, not my original idea)
    * More crazy levels like level 25
    * A crazy bonus mode That has 5,10,15,… levels in a row or more levels like level 25.

    Great game guys! I got to level 49 yesterday on my lunch break.

  2. 2009 July 17
    Christopher permalink

    Oh, and I forgot one last thing. Possibly adding the version that the person got the high score on. That way, if your new updates make the game a lot easier, you can have some sort of bragging rights to say that you got that score with v1.0 of the game…

  3. 2009 July 17
    Mike permalink

    Looking forward to it!

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