Ballzup (full version $2.99)

2Game play for Ballzup is easy to use.  You can control movement with your index finger and move the paddle from left to right.  There are power ups that come down randomly and when you break certain bricks stars fall.  You can collect the stars and they will multiply your score until you loose the ball.

You are given 2 extra lives in addition to the first 1 you start with.  There is also a pause feature in the upper right hand corner if you need to take a break.  In between levels you are given the ability to save and exit the game and then resume next time you play.

After you have lost all of your lives you are given the ability to submit your high score to their website.  You can then go on to their website and look at the leader board.

To sum up Ballzup you only need one word: boring!  During game play there is no music going so the game gets really repetitive and you loose interest quickly.  You can collect stars for points and get power ups, but you don’t know what the power ups or stars are for since there are no instructions.  If you pause and quit you cannot resume your game.


  • Fun: 4/10
  • Graphics: 6/10
  • Sound: 2/10
  • Lasting appeal: 3/10
  • Cost benefit: 5/10
  • Overall: 4/10

Lite Version:

  • Not given the ability to save game
  • Has less levels
  • Doesn’t have the ability to submit your score to the leader board
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